Royal Square at Novena confers great accessibility and connectivity due to the well-designed infrastructure that is in place. This is advantageous in the facility as a great business location.

A huge influx of visitors seeking medical care and intervention has prompted the mushrooming of several medical facilities in the region. The project is the brainchild of a major hospital in the region that envisaged turning the area into a mega health city. Buying into Royal Square will place clients at the pinnacle of this great medical precedent.

The proximity of the Royal Square address to major roads like Moulmein Road, Thomson Road, Newton Road and the Central Expressway confer an element of high visibility and maximal exposure for the business and medical practices that the facility will host.

It will be the pioneer mega health care facility in Singapore and will be unique in that it combines a medley of medical suites and facilities, shopping complexes and hotels.

There is the provision of a Concierge service at the reception area of the Medical Suite lift lobby and this facilitates faster and more efficient commuting of patients, medical personnel and staff and visitors to the medical suites.

In the nearby surroundings of the mega-development are a wide variety of eateries, delis, shops, malls and supermarkets to cater for the discerning needs of the complexes occupants and they include Novena Square, velocity, Square 2 and amenities within Royal Square location.

The 21st-century modern day façade of the Royal Square is an aesthetically appealing, eye-catching, splendid work of architecture that will definitely stand out in the fast developing Central Singaporean skyline.

The Royal Square at Novena has a cleverly designed and splendid swimming pool facility at the rooftop where tenants, clients, and esteemed guests can enjoy panoramic views while engaging in an occasional well-deserved swim.

It is a commercial property facility designed for Green Mark Platinum Award.  More of Royal Square Price is available.

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